Earn More Dollars with the Right Facebook Community Manager: 10 Skills and Characteristics that Make a Perfect Brand Ambassador

Want to earn more? Find the best community manager and increase your earnings.

Communication plays a vital role not only in schools or businesses but also in our lives as a whole. Whether you want to inspire, encourage or push someone in action, no one will take you seriously if you don’t exhibit excellent communication skills.

As the word itself implies, social media involves socialization. And in here, communication again plays a vital role. Extending oneself to other people through a social media platform is a challenging job. Let’s take Facebook as a specific example. Facebook is attracting millions of users who have different personalities, needs, and wants. Understanding your target market’s perception and use them to your advantage is one thing. Reaching out to these customers and sharing a piece of your company for them to understand you is another thing. After all, communication is a give and take process.

With these things in mind, you need someone who will act as a bridge between your company and your customers… someone who will embody the values your company upholds. You need someone who will act as a brand ambassador, a person who will strengthen your brand image to your target market. What you need is a competent and effective community manager.

Since a community manager’s role is vital for your company’s success, you need to establish skill sets to be used in determining the best community manager if you’re looking for one or if you want to check whether your present community manager is the best for this valuable position.

Below are 10 skills and characteristics excellent communication managers should possess. These skills and characteristics are the ideal traits that they should display not only in your organization but also on Facebook’s platform.

  1. Has passion for work

    A community manager shoulders a lot of tasks but their core responsibility is to promote the brand. That’s difficult to perform if the person in position isn’t passionate about it. An excellent community manager should have enthusiasm on what he is doing to influence his others.

  2. Connects naturally

    Natural connectors are people who can get along with others without much effort exerted. Meaningful communication for them happens simultaneously. For them, conversation isn’t work, it’s basically who they are.

  3. Communicates excellently

    Community managers must be experienced communicators. They should be able to get your brand message across in fewer than 140 characters. Moreover, they should also be good listeners. A community manager should engage with their own authentic voice, not with a marketing message and shouldn’t be biased about their own perceptions especially if they have different views to that of their customers.

  4. Is relatable

    Your community manager should be someone whom people will want to interact with and that they’ll feel comfortable enough to talk to. Nonetheless, they must have the power to put everyone in their place if they get out of line. They should be both easy-going and at the same time firm when the situation calls for it.

  5. Thinks of the brand first

    Someone who will be a good fit for your company will be able to participate in the conversation without taking the spotlight. Since the main goal is promoting the brand, a good community manager should not highlight himself as the star, but rather let the brand shine and focus on how your brand would shine more.

  6. Is ever ready

    Being the face of the company doesn’t come along with a specific time frame. It means that whenever needed, your community manager should always be there; always ready to lend a hand any time. Of course this means that you need to pay them a certain bit of combat/holiday pay which is just appropriate.

  7. Enjoys working with others

    Community managers will certainly attract several inquiries from different people (your customers, contacts, colleagues, etc) ranging from a quick answer to an all-out favor. They should be patient in dealing with different concerns… and obviously, with different kinds of personality. It’s part of their job after all.

  8. Has business knowledge

    Community managers need to understand how to solve the puzzle. They should know how to interlay the integral parts. They should know how their job fits in with others’. Your community manager should understand how to promote lead generation, brand awareness, customer service, operations, etc.

  9. Goal-oriented

    Metrics and reports appropriate to your organization are necessary to weigh the value of these efforts. This requires interpreting of data and information gathered for the pursuance of goals. Understanding the goals of your organization’s use of social media is the key to understanding what to measure. It’s not enough to state how many comments have been made on that last blog post. It’s the application of gathered information that counts.

  10. Business development pioneer

    Studying the playing field and taking note of best practices and how other companies are using them would be good in promoting continuous improvement. A good community manager should have this mindset. It is critical for your company to become an early adopter of emerging technologies.

    These are some of the skills and characteristics a good community manager should possess. Some of the factors stated may not be strongly imprinted on your personnel’s arsenal. In such case, you should need to put a certain weight on these factors to guide you in assessing the capabilities of your community manager. Your community manager should earn these skills and characteristics for you to earn more dollars.

    Don’t have a Facebook community manager? Consider the skills mentioned above and look for a brand ambassador that will help you widen your customer base.