Recharging Your Online Presence With A Facebook Personal Assistant

Blogging, Tweeting, and “Facebooking” are some of the pieces that will complete your social media marketing strategy to really establish your online presence. Social media offers more than just connecting and exploring interesting content. There are opportunities like advertising, free marketing, and customer relationship management via Facebook pages or groups but how can you tap those chances successfully when you are against the clock with something else? By trend, is it time to get your own Facebook personal assistant to do those jobs for you?
There are social media services available but before you get to decide the things you need, you have to know the following information so that you will have the answer to that question.


What can a Facebook Virtual Assistant do for you?

Virtual assistants who have administrative roles traditionally provide you support from web research and data-entry to search engine optimization and email correspondence. Now, with the availability of social networking services, a Facebook virtual assistant can support you in a number of ways. It ranges from setting up profiles to maintaining them. You do not have go through the process of putting in the information in the profile and getting them updated regularly. They are able to help you find potential networks and keep in touch with them. Generally, a social media assistant can also recommend you the most suitable platforms to use for your business. Just empower them with what you need with your social media plan and let them creatively do the job for you without spending so much time on it.


How Do You Find The Right Facebook Virtual Assistant?

virtual assistantFirst, the rise of social media also led to greater number of so-called “experts” in this field thus making this kind of service not as reliable. One indication of reliability is being committed to International Virtual Assistant Association. In addition, if a Facebook personal assistant is already experienced handling other businesses’ accounts or that assistant has been participating in conversations and understands the rule of engagement then, he or she is more likely to be qualified. It all goes back to experience and affiliation. Second, determine the costs and benefits. Would acquiring those social media virtual assistant services let you save more resources? Delegating a social media task to an existing employee may not be an option unless that person is knowledgeable and experienced enough in that area. A virtual assistant in the social networking marketing services field can let you save hours of posting topics and searching relevant industry links to your page. Plus, you do not have to pay for taxes and additional office equipment.


Do you think you could outsource your Facebook online presence to a medium who puts the pieces together in your social media endeavors? That answer relies on you but understand that this assistant must not only have the mentality of a personal assistant but also has the thinking of being a partner who understands your vision and drives with your mission to achieve your social media goals.