What Do Your Customers Want from You? – Top 10 Reasons Why They “Like” Your Brand on Facebook

get facebook fansNext to “Blast” and other dealer newsletters provided by IMN, Outsell, 3Birds Marketing and Onstation, it is a common knowledge that Facebook is undisputed the number one choice for dealerships worldwide when it comes to interacting with their customers off site.

Numerous trainings and seminars held have shown that dealers usually don’t have a clue about the true motives of consumers in following a particular brand. Why do they like these brands? What makes fans and followers click? These are questions that dealers have to seek answers to.

A recently concluded research of Co-Tweet and ExactTarget came close to providing an answer to these questions. The following motives and answers have a potential of assisting dealerships in adjusting their engagement level on social media networks. Furthermore, it will help dealerships in coming up with new approaches that would grab the attention of would-be customers.

Here are the top 10 motivations for consumers to “Like” and follow a brand on Facebook:

  1. Discounts and promotions (40%) – This is the top reason why people follow a brand on Facebook. Companies now realize that with more than 500 million active users, Facebook is the best place for them to announce discounts and promotions.
  2. Support for the brand/company (37%) – Some companies usually give rewards or prizes to selected people who click and follow them. This is an added motivation for most consumers to show their support for these companies by following them on Facebook.
  3. Free samples (36%) – Freebies have and always will be an attraction to consumers. Looking for company freebies on a free platform like Facebook just makes sense.
  4. Information about companies’ activities (34%) – With such a wide and shockingly powerful reach, where else can people find out about what companies are up to than in facebook?
  5. Updates on future products (33%) – Companies take advantage of Facebook’s popularity by announcing new services and products through it. A significant number of the Facebook population now expects to see new products posted on the company’s Facebook account.
  6. Updates on future sales (30%) – Consumers are always on the lookout for sales and mark downs. Again, with the current number of people on Facebook, there is just no other better place to announce bargain prices to consumers.
  7. Fun and entertainment (27%) – Entertainment is the core of Facebook. Most people are in it to unwind and unload stress. “Fun” and “entertainment” in a company spell out more followers on its Facebook account.
  8. Access to exclusive content (25%) – Most companies usually entice customers to follow them by saying that they could only have access to exclusive content if they become followers. Customers are just suckers for exclusive content. Who isn’t?
  9. Referral from someone to follow a brand/company (22%) – Word of mouth is a very powerful tool. With more than 500 million mouths on Facebook doing their thing, the term “word of mouth” has just risen to a whole new level.
  10. More information about the company (21%) – Facebook is a household name these days. Consumers know this and are aware that if a company wants to advertise itself, Facebook will be its first choice to do so.

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These findings clearly demonstrate the potential of Facebook to effectively bolster a company’s success and increase its sales. Additionally, the survey also found out that only 13% want to interact directly with companies. So companies have little reason to be dismayed when customers do not interact that much, or share thoughts and feedback with them.

As a business owner, the best thing you can do is to take the numbers, share them with your sales and management team so they could tailor a Facebook marketing strategies around these findings. Or, if you don’t have anyone in your team to do it, search for a Facebook account manager that will give your business a strong presence in the social media arena. Then sit back, watch, and enjoy the show as Facebook waves its magic on your company’s sales.