How to Create a Facebook Marketing Strategy that Works Best for Your Business

Facebook assistantNo matter what kind of business you are into, the following schemes will surely build your online presence in Facebook. You would not read this comprehensive guide anyway if you think Facebook is irrelevant to your brand so it is a given that social media marketing is a must for you and every business owner today. You should also choose whether your Faceboook account is for Facebook for business marketing or not.  If you want to get a pace ahead, let us start with the first component of this marketing strategy.


Part 1. The Brand Representative

Now you have your account in Facebook and let’s say you will network with your target audience based on the industry you are in. Do not use your own personal Facebook account that contains private information such as your personal photos and conversations of your real friends except if you really want to show them off.


You will add friends and join in groups and pages to interact with other people. In some cases, your own personal branding and your business branding may be conflicting. Simply put, your personality as portrayed by your personal account may overpower the business you are trying to market.

What Can You Do?

Create a professional looking account that will be in-charge of representing your business including all those activities of networking stated above. This brand representative will be the liaison of your audience wherein they will associate the brand and this professionally-looking, charisma-powering representative. A representative is not only in the form of a person but also as a Facebook Page. Creating the page is your next step. This is the customized space where your audience can get updates and information about your business. It’s really your own business page named after your brand and not only a person acting in behalf of the company.

Remember that you can have someone else to this job. They can update the Facebook page with posts and reply to the people interacting in the page for you. They can export your email contacts so they can be added as friends too in the new Facebook profile.

Part 2. A Page Paints a Thousand Words

Your posts may be made up of words, brand picture, business information, wall posts and tabs – these constitute the overall visuals to attract your audience. If you come across a Facebook page and see no conversations and updates going on, then it is a so-called “Dead Page”. Your page needs constant attention and leaving it would portray a poor impression on your brand.

How Can You Make the Most of it?

First is your picture which is easily customizable. “Making the Most of Your Facebook Profile Picture” and “Make Your Facebook Profile Full-size” are good resources for you.

Next is the page information tab which requires you to fill out with your business details. Use keywords for search engine optimization because they are indexed. Also, do not forget to write down the complete URL of your website. Those two are basic things you need to complete but you do not have to stop there.

Applications such as Twitter and FBML are available for use. You can even have your blogs automatically posted in your wall. Some add tabs for their promotions area which includes contests, raffles, and discount coupons. One popular purpose of FBML is for making the default landing page for your page visitors. A default landing page creates the first impression whether they will continue exploring your page or skip it. They are usually eye-catching and interactive. See examples in “Designing a Facebook landing page: 12 of the best!”

Lastly, your page must have its own customized URL which you can set up via as long as you have 25 fans.
Facebook marketing virtual assistant

Part 3. Ready, Set, Go!

Everything is set. You have your brand reps – the person responsible and the page. It’s time to proceed with promoting it and getting more influence. Your page exists not for the sake of just being there but also for getting the gear up and running. Just what these 10 principles are stating:


  1. As a person, participate in groups, events, and other pages to network and add friends with the target community. Your page shall be promoted to those organizations joined.
  2. Thanks to the power of Facebook search, you can find people mentioning keywords you target and find groups to participate in.
  3. Always reply when someone comments on your statuses and posts to keep the conversations flowing.

    Updating Your Page


  5. Update your page regularly – Once a day is okay.
  6. Use a variety of interesting and new videos, photos, links, and text for your posts in your page.
  7. Keep your fans updated with the latest important news and promos about your brand using the “Send an Update to Fans” function.

    On Other Pages

  8. Form an alliance with other pages preferably similar to your industry so that you both can reap the benefits of mutually using the “Add to my Page’s Favorites” function.
  9. Keep an eye of other brands especially if they are ahead of you to know what they are doing which you aren’t.

    Going Outside Facebook

  10. Use Facebook Social Plugins for spreading your Facebook page activities in your website and blogs.
  11. When using other media, link the content you created to Facebook. For example, in the Youtube video you created, it should have a link to your Facebook page, so at the same time that video is automatically shared with your Facebook page.

So that is how you build an effective marketing strategy in this continuously growing popular social network. This is the right time to jump in the sphere of Facebook marketing, let’s get it on! Hire the best brand representative for your business, create a Facebook Fan Page, get Facebook fans, and see how it helps you get more revenues!