Is Clicking The “Like” Button Worth It?: 5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Landing Tab

It has always been easier to hit that Facebook “Like” button if it is already part of your website. But does your website have what it takes for visitors to like your product? Will they even read it? Do they know that your site exists? To make all these happen, you will have to organize and update your page so it attracts more viewers and drive them to hit the “like” button. A Facebook Virtual Assistant can do that for you. Just sit around while your brand earns a lot of “fans” or “likes” on Facebook.

Nowadays, companies are competing even in the number of “likes” and fans on the most popular social network. They are finding out new ways on getting people to hit the “like” button on their page and even convert these “likers” into fans. Being on Facebook gets you to be close to the public, thus giving your product more popularity. But that’s not all. Just putting the button on your website won’t give you that much credit. It’s how you present your product or service that counts.

Here are some ways to make your Facebook landing tab more presentable and welcoming:

  1. Say who you are. As your audience enters your page they have to know about your brand, your activities, and products and services. Through a landing tab, brands can present the visitors a few details about their products or services even as they move about from one page to another. Because of this, customers will know that your company exists and may even be curious about it. And with more and more curious visitors, it can become a conversation topic.
  2. Keep things simple. Don’t overlook the objectives of creating a landing tab when setting up the content and some pictures on the page. Over-decorating the page may not be a good idea, as it congests the page causing it to look jumbled for the viewer.
  3. Be creative with visuals. Unique visuals catch the eyes of the audience. As the old cliché goes: First impressions last. If they see something new or unusual, they will definitely look into it. A great way to do this is to create a somewhat short advertisement that shows brief information regarding you or your product. This will create an impression on the visitor and will persuade them to become fans of the brand and find out more.
  4. Draw attention to latest promotions. You can advertise your latest promotions on your landing tab so people may be aware of the promos that you have. This is more of giving your potential customers a taste of what they can get from you, especially now that people are becoming more practical and are looking for more ways to save.
  5. Curiosity may not always kill the cat. The hidden feature may entice the audience to click the “like” button or ‘become a fan’ button in exchange for a hidden content.
  6. People from around the world have their own Facebook account and marketing on Facebook will make your product or brand known in no time. Having a person skilled to do the job will make the page more enticing to the audience, persuading them to become fans of your page. A Facebook Virtual Assistant can make these things possible for you. Now, you’re assured your day is less busy when a virtual assistant is there to manage your page for you.