12 Steps to Engage Fan Power into Your Facebook Fan Page and Gain Significant Profit

Have you been in a championship game of any sporting event (basketball, football, tennis, etc)? How did you feel to be among thousands of devoted and roaring fans backing up your favorite players and teams? For sure you feel the adrenaline rush flowing in your veins.

It feels great to have several people sharing the same passion that you have. To share the same cause, likes and interest is an overwhelming feeling. Fans share this bond of camaraderie and the sense of connection. Whatever it is that you like, as long as you are labeled as a fan, this sense of connection, passion and devotion will always be present.

What if you integrate this “fan power” to your website? It would certainly be a potent factor for you to stand out and be successful. With the coming of social media, you can now gather your fans – your company’s energy-booster – in a single platform, like Facebook Fan Page. Aside from gaining comrades who will in one way or another promote your business in their own little ways, you can also gain tremendous search engine optimization by inserting keyword-rich text throughout your fan page and updating it regularly.

Here are 12 easy steps that will guide you in creating that solid Facebook Fan Page and route to gaining significant profit.

  1. Know your audience

    Never expect to create a page and then have a huge following instantaneously. For you to gain a significant number of fans, you must know who you are reaching to. One effective way to go with this process is targeting the proper demographic.

    Quantcast estimates show that Facebook skews towards female youths. In addition, 53% of users have kids and a majority makes over $60k a year salary. College kids contribute to over 50% of Facebook’s total users. You should also keep in mind that Facebook demographics are changing rapidly as more moms have come to join the mix and the college market has become saturated. Checking up on demographic changes over time would be beneficial since as Facebook changes, your campaigns may need to change with it for maximum effect.

    Targeting the demographic most prominent on Facebook will lead to a fairly quick and organic growth but if you find it difficult to target the optimal demographic, finding a specific line will also be useful. It really depends on how well you study your market.

  2. Network with other platforms.

    It is a known fact that network of other platforms will provide additional help to drive visitors to your fan page. Don’t immediately expect that consumers on Facebook will find you automatically. Chances are, consumers will stumble upon your page, either through a friend or from a hub or a blog.

    In such cases you should have a site that serves as your landing page where you can put links to your Facebook fan page.

  3. Choose an appealing title.

    An attractive title is an effective attention magnet. Your Facebook Fan Page title could be your brand name, personal name, or business name, as well as some few descriptive words. The shorter the title, the better because each time you add content to your fan page, it is best if your title is always attached. With that in mind, a long title would not be pleasing to the eyes, or even to the ears.

  4. Display your picture pleasantly.

    Unknown to many, the ideal size for a fan page image is 200 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. The thumbnail image that appears whenever you post on your own fan page will show a section of your main picture; it would be good if you get to display the image just the way you want it.

  5. Make Your About Us/Bio Section Attractive.

    Under your fan page picture is a small text box area that you can use strategically to summarize what you do, whom you help, and how you help them. Include a call to action with a hyperlink. And oh, don’t forget to include the “http://” for it to be clickable.

  6. Integrate your blog posts.

    Pulling in your blog feed will have your fan page automatically updated each time you make a blog post and will give chances for your fans to read and comment on the post. This will also help in consistently adding content to your fan page and keep it fresh and engaging.

  7. Give importance to fans’ posts.

    Showing both posts you and your fans made will make anyone who comes to your page see the interaction from both sides. This is much better compared to limiting what is shown on your page to your posts alone or those of you fans’ only.

  8. Acknowledge contents from your fans.

    Allowing and encouraging your fans to add their own content will make them feel more a part of your online Facebook community. Giving them permission to add their own photos, videos, and comments on your “wall” will create more visibility for you as it will go out into their feeds.

  9. Keep your fans engaged.

    Engagement is critical for you to have a solid fan page. Providing quality content is one aspect of building a good Facebook fan page (or any social networking presence, for that matter) but with engagement you add a voice to your audience. It will make them feel important. Moreover, you will also learn a lot of things from their suggestions and ideas, which you can use for further improvement.

  10. Harmonize your fan page with Twitter.

    You will achieve cross-promotion and extra visibility if you use your Facebook fan page to Twitter app. You can write status updates up to 420 characters. Your status will go out as a tweet on your Twitter account and shortened to about 120 characters with a bit.ly link back to your fan page.

  11. Participate in events.

    For you to garner more fans, you should meet new people and likewise discover other people who have shared interest and can support your career. You can do all this if you participate in events. This is one of the best aspects of Facebook. You have the opportunity to be involved in your community by joining or starting an event in your industry. In addition, these events can also be cataloged on your Facebook page.

  12. Recognize pre-existing pages.

    Recognition is a known morale booster. You feel good if your page is recognized. If you recognize your fan’s contribution, they will feel this sense of fulfillment as well. A good example of this scenario involves Coca Cola Facebook page. What started as a fan page for fun, created by two users who liked Coke turned out to be the largest product fan page on Facebook.

    Instead of taking over the page and making it their own, Coca Cola rewarded the fans by bringing them to Atlanta and giving them a tour at the Coke facility. Coca Cola extends their help to the fans in improving the fan page but did not take over it. The fans still own the page. This kind of strategy ensures a passionate page owner.

    Gaining people’s trust requires understanding, effort and critical analysis. Knowing your target market, improving your own site, and keeping yourself engaged in relevant activities are key factors in gaining avid fans. Applying all these factors to your fan page will absorb the waves of “fan power” and will pave a way for you to gain significant profit.

    This business strategy may require time, as you need to keep your fans posted of the new stuff in your business. If you lack the time to manage your Facebook fan page, look for Facebook community manager who shares with your interests and has the willingness to know your business.