Drive More Fans to Your Facebook Business Page by Bringing Personality into It

It’s a fact that Facebook is one of the more popular social media services present today. Considering the extent of reach it has to target audiences would mean a very good end of the bargain for you. Question is, how do you get to cover the whole extent of your target market? How would you engage people and make them yearn for more of what your business can offer?

In the fast-paced traffic of social media follows the rapid turn of business demand and developments. Centered in both aspects are the people – the primary life source of every thriving business – put together through social networking as a marketing medium. The power to grasp each person’s interest could very well help your business turn into the right track. But, it is not enough to rely on the capacity of Facebook to gather target clientele. You have to put up an image, a personality for people to distinguish, visit, and follow. This is a shout-out to the online populace, an expression to let everybody know of your site and business. Here’s how…

  1. Organize and promote an event

    You don’t need A-list event planner skills to put up this one. This is one way to personally connect with the market. You have to gather people and put up a good impression that would stabilize you as a business person. Being able to do so would create a good image for you. Meeting with the community (online/offline) gives you a subtle chance to promote products and services and reach out to interested market prospects in the process.

  2. Respond to comments and messages

    Basically, this is all about building a relationship with your clientele. It will do you good if you take a conscious effort to reply and post messages to people inquiring about your business. Responding to their messages would make them feel valued and appreciated and would establish your business as something that puts much interest to their customers.

  3. Post pictures and videos

    A fan page with texts alone could be too dull for the eye. Try to incorporate some variation by posting pictures and videos where members could comment and post reactions. TAG them! It is a very good medium to engage and interact with your customers.

  4. This is all about the market

    Remember that you’ve put up the business to cater to the demands and needs of a particular group of people. It should be a NO-NO to not consider your clients in every business action you take. They are the driving force of your trading endeavor, and depriving their value would mean depriving your business the success it deserves.

  5. It should not be all about the business

    Again, VARIATION. Online users’ attention span zips in millisecond the moment they come across another interesting site. Indulging them with “all-business” alone could stir craving and they might just be looking for something more engaging afterwards. Injecting some tidbits and interesting posts present a fun side to your business. This is to allow some breathing space and create a casual atmosphere for both parties.

  6. Create a contest for everybody

    This is mixing up business and Facebook as a whole. You can think of a contest with giveaway prizes that would engage members to join. A fun yet business-oriented way of marketing that would be most beneficial to your online commercial venture.

    Take note, though, that you need not overdo things. Make it fun but stick to your own business goals. Inject personality but never go overboard. After all, you may be riding the hype of social network phenomenon but riding alone can’t get you far. It is by the manner of how you make people come ride with you that would take you to places and arrive to the destination you’ve been wishing for. Remember, most Facebook fans don’t really want your products; they want you and how you reach out to them.

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