Is Clicking The “Like” Button Worth It?: 5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Landing Tab

It has always been easier to hit that Facebook “Like” button if it is already part of your website. But does your website have what it takes for visitors to like your product? Will they even read it? Do they know that your site exists? To make all these happen, you will have to organize and update your page so it attracts more viewers and drive them to hit the “like” button. A Facebook Virtual Assistant can do that for you. Just sit around while your brand earns a lot of “fans” or “likes” on Facebook.

Nowadays, companies are competing even in the number of “likes” and fans on the most popular social network. They are finding out new ways on getting people to hit the “like” button on their page and even convert these “likers” into fans. Being on Facebook gets you to be close to the public, thus giving your product more popularity. But that’s not all. Just putting the button on your website won’t give you that much credit. It’s how you present your product or service that counts.

Here are some ways to make your Facebook landing tab more presentable and welcoming:

  1. Say who you are. As your audience enters your page they have to know about your brand, your activities, and products and services. Through a landing tab, brands can present the visitors a few details about their products or services even as they move about from one page to another. Because of this, customers will know that your company exists and may even be curious about it. And with more and more curious visitors, it can become a conversation topic.
  2. Keep things simple. Don’t overlook the objectives of creating a landing tab when setting up the content and some pictures on the page. Over-decorating the page may not be a good idea, as it congests the page causing it to look jumbled for the viewer.
  3. Be creative with visuals. Unique visuals catch the eyes of the audience. As the old cliché goes: First impressions last. If they see something new or unusual, they will definitely look into it. A great way to do this is to create a somewhat short advertisement that shows brief information regarding you or your product. This will create an impression on the visitor and will persuade them to become fans of the brand and find out more.
  4. Draw attention to latest promotions. You can advertise your latest promotions on your landing tab so people may be aware of the promos that you have. This is more of giving your potential customers a taste of what they can get from you, especially now that people are becoming more practical and are looking for more ways to save.
  5. Curiosity may not always kill the cat. The hidden feature may entice the audience to click the “like” button or ‘become a fan’ button in exchange for a hidden content.
  6. People from around the world have their own Facebook account and marketing on Facebook will make your product or brand known in no time. Having a person skilled to do the job will make the page more enticing to the audience, persuading them to become fans of your page. A Facebook Virtual Assistant can make these things possible for you. Now, you’re assured your day is less busy when a virtual assistant is there to manage your page for you.

The Downside Of Facebook – Valuable Points In Achieving Better Facebook Marketing Efforts

Yes we regard Facebook as one of social media’s most effective platforms. Factors like the extent of reach it provides and the easy relay of interactions gives Facebook better regard into filling as a medium to exert our social media endeavors. But there is another facet to Facebook that will perhaps undermine its capacity as a social media anchor. For some reason Facebook Marketing cannot cash-in on the desired outcome in due time. There are many important factors that you have to consider to achieve better FB marketing turn-out.

One basic consideration is to never put up deep campaign content. Deep context will easily bore users and would only result to not so good marketing outcome. Lightweight ideas can spur interest rather than exclusively presenting word facts. You will have to cut down a viewers’ time spent on reading your page content. Don’t make them skim through factual but deep information that is out of their interest to start with. There are so many factors that initiate Facebook as an ineffective medium to carry out marketing actions. Here is a lowdown on some of the features that undermine the capacity of the social network to reap good marketing yield.

Clouding of Application In One Tab

You may have considered putting on all of your FB applications in one tab to generate easy click-through process. But you fail to consider a user’s viewpoint that is essential to the purpose of your marketing page. By clouding all applications in one, you are actually constraining them in seeing the application. A long application listing will prompt a visitor to close the tab down and change to more accessible pages. One application per tab will ease out the navigation steps for every users’ benefit. They won’t be shifting into the next fan page as soon as they feel like they’re having a hard time navigating through applications piled into one tab alone.

Sweepstakes Don’t Result To Better Turn-out

After a barrage of promotions, raffles and incentive-laden programs conversion rate is still below par. Take it as a cue that most of these efforts serve to shallow, unengaged users only after the prizes. They are not really interested in what your page is trying to present. This can be a double-edge sword to every social media marketing associate. Yes, you can attract loads of users but most of their interest lies on the prizes via your sweepstakes promo. You set a different tone for your page as you will be regarded as a social network trendsetter but never adept in delivering credible and useful facts.

Photos and Video Promos Can Be An Offside

Photos and Video contests should be relevant to the page you are handling. This kind of propaganda can work with photography and travel brands. For others? You may have to squeeze some juices to find other ways to attract visitors. Other than relevance, it takes labor to moderate and manage every submission entry as you want to extend the aura of considering every possible posting also.

Like Feature Isn’t Likeable

Most pages have like features that spell out your access to the page itself. In order to navigate through the FB account, you first have to click Like. This has a 50% drop off rate that will prompt visitors to abandon your page and find other ones that will give them more leeway.

What Really Works?

Facebook marketing thrives on ad linking through easy navigation processes. Marketing should be done in a more casual tone and not on the greedy, aggressive measure of painstakingly bombarding a user to avail what you are offering. Status comments and likes can definitely win an enormous account of interaction.

A marketing action is updated and regularly takes account of other sources also. More importantly, there is an established engagement where fans can relay and offer input. Try to avoid deep contextual content but not go overboard by injecting silly whatnots also. Balance!
The key here is to provide a fresh, updated and easy fanpage access for every visitor to check and follow. Next thing you know, online users are interacting with the page the same way as they interact with their friends.

Need help with Facebook marketing? Outsource to a Facebook virtual assistant. They know exactly what works well and what may be set aside in using Facebook as an online marketing tool.

Recharging Your Online Presence With A Facebook Personal Assistant

Blogging, Tweeting, and “Facebooking” are some of the pieces that will complete your social media marketing strategy to really establish your online presence. Social media offers more than just connecting and exploring interesting content. There are opportunities like advertising, free marketing, and customer relationship management via Facebook pages or groups but how can you tap those chances successfully when you are against the clock with something else? By trend, is it time to get your own Facebook personal assistant to do those jobs for you?
There are social media services available but before you get to decide the things you need, you have to know the following information so that you will have the answer to that question.


What can a Facebook Virtual Assistant do for you?

Virtual assistants who have administrative roles traditionally provide you support from web research and data-entry to search engine optimization and email correspondence. Now, with the availability of social networking services, a Facebook virtual assistant can support you in a number of ways. It ranges from setting up profiles to maintaining them. You do not have go through the process of putting in the information in the profile and getting them updated regularly. They are able to help you find potential networks and keep in touch with them. Generally, a social media assistant can also recommend you the most suitable platforms to use for your business. Just empower them with what you need with your social media plan and let them creatively do the job for you without spending so much time on it.


How Do You Find The Right Facebook Virtual Assistant?

virtual assistantFirst, the rise of social media also led to greater number of so-called “experts” in this field thus making this kind of service not as reliable. One indication of reliability is being committed to International Virtual Assistant Association. In addition, if a Facebook personal assistant is already experienced handling other businesses’ accounts or that assistant has been participating in conversations and understands the rule of engagement then, he or she is more likely to be qualified. It all goes back to experience and affiliation. Second, determine the costs and benefits. Would acquiring those social media virtual assistant services let you save more resources? Delegating a social media task to an existing employee may not be an option unless that person is knowledgeable and experienced enough in that area. A virtual assistant in the social networking marketing services field can let you save hours of posting topics and searching relevant industry links to your page. Plus, you do not have to pay for taxes and additional office equipment.


Do you think you could outsource your Facebook online presence to a medium who puts the pieces together in your social media endeavors? That answer relies on you but understand that this assistant must not only have the mentality of a personal assistant but also has the thinking of being a partner who understands your vision and drives with your mission to achieve your social media goals.

Three Advertising Tactics For Search Marketers To Gain More Success In Facebook’s Realm

facebook marketing strategiesMore than 500 million active users of Facebook are collectively spending much of their time sharing detailed information about themselves on the platform. Information such as dislikes, interests, and their preferences are posted on this site.

This is the reason why advertisers are doing their chance to reach Facebook users and visitors with their targeted ads. In fact, Facebook was hailed as the No. 1 website to provide “valuable targeted audiences,” according to the survey conducted by Myers Publishing LLC. Advertisers.

Despite this popularity, advertisers on Facebook are still in its beginning stages. As compared with the paid-search market which is still rapidly growing, thus, it has already reached the worth of nearly $14.6 billion in the year 2009.

One difference between paid-search market and Facebook is the approach used in targeting users. Advertisers on Facebook target users based on their “likes” and “interests” as opposed to targeting ads to users’ search queries as what paid-search market utilize.

Nonetheless, search marketers have some leverage for most of the skills and techniques of a successful search marketer can be translated into the skills required to build winning campaigns on Facebook. There are so many ways in which you can leverage your current paid-search skills on this popular site, the Facebook.

Getting started would be the greatest challenge you’re going to face. Here are some best-practices that can truly be helpful in making marketing clients jump into Facebook Ads.


  1. Focusing on “Likes” and “Interests”Likes and Interests shoulder the heaviest weight when it comes to Facebook targeting. Identifying your highest-performing paid-search keywords and using them in order to decode them into Likes and Interests on Facebook will give you a head start.Focus on words that are concerned on general topics such as themes rather than extremely narrow, product-specific keywords when beginning with a set of search or content network keywords.

    A good example would be considering such terms as “backpacking,” “trail running,” “rock climbing,” “s’mores,” “campfires,” and other related activities under Likes and Interests, if you sell tents.

  2. Understanding Facebook’s Image Power Over Textfacebook assistant
    In order to make testing and tweaking ad copy a snap, search ads are supposed to be limited to a 25-character headline and a 75-character description. However, things are a little more complicated on Facebook. What’s the good thing about it is that images can be used in your ads. 

    Facebook users scan images and text quickly, and they are hastily flooded with updates and content. Your ad should therefore grab their attention right there and then. Aside from relevant offers, ads should be colorful and contain engaging images for it to grab the attention of Facebook users.

    Often than not, winning images are not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing; rather, they are the ones that grab the most attention. Avoid using borders to your photos that are contrasting with Facebook’s blue and white interface. Be experimental but be careful in the same way with how you use those images. Let your images be eye-friendly.

  3. Updating Your Ads FrequentlyWith an average of more than seven hours every month, users spend browsing on Facebook. Besides this, users should use effective Facebook marketing strategies. Indeed, they will be exposed to your ads. Thus, to keep Facebook Ads fresh and quality scores high, you have to update ad images and copy frequently.

Lastly, those that are early investors in Facebook will build institutional knowledge and skill sets. Facebook virtual assistant can be a great help in Facebook management. Eventually, this will result in higher returns over time. Being a search marketer gives you some incentives you can take advantage of and apply to Facebook’s platform. The technique is to understand the differences between paid-search market and Facebook’s advertising campaign and make some modifications out of it. If you fuse the things you have learned from the two platforms, social marketing success is in your grasp.

What Do Your Customers Want from You? – Top 10 Reasons Why They “Like” Your Brand on Facebook

get facebook fansNext to “Blast” and other dealer newsletters provided by IMN, Outsell, 3Birds Marketing and Onstation, it is a common knowledge that Facebook is undisputed the number one choice for dealerships worldwide when it comes to interacting with their customers off site.

Numerous trainings and seminars held have shown that dealers usually don’t have a clue about the true motives of consumers in following a particular brand. Why do they like these brands? What makes fans and followers click? These are questions that dealers have to seek answers to.

A recently concluded research of Co-Tweet and ExactTarget came close to providing an answer to these questions. The following motives and answers have a potential of assisting dealerships in adjusting their engagement level on social media networks. Furthermore, it will help dealerships in coming up with new approaches that would grab the attention of would-be customers.

Here are the top 10 motivations for consumers to “Like” and follow a brand on Facebook:

  1. Discounts and promotions (40%) – This is the top reason why people follow a brand on Facebook. Companies now realize that with more than 500 million active users, Facebook is the best place for them to announce discounts and promotions.
  2. Support for the brand/company (37%) – Some companies usually give rewards or prizes to selected people who click and follow them. This is an added motivation for most consumers to show their support for these companies by following them on Facebook.
  3. Free samples (36%) – Freebies have and always will be an attraction to consumers. Looking for company freebies on a free platform like Facebook just makes sense.
  4. Information about companies’ activities (34%) – With such a wide and shockingly powerful reach, where else can people find out about what companies are up to than in facebook?
  5. Updates on future products (33%) – Companies take advantage of Facebook’s popularity by announcing new services and products through it. A significant number of the Facebook population now expects to see new products posted on the company’s Facebook account.
  6. Updates on future sales (30%) – Consumers are always on the lookout for sales and mark downs. Again, with the current number of people on Facebook, there is just no other better place to announce bargain prices to consumers.
  7. Fun and entertainment (27%) – Entertainment is the core of Facebook. Most people are in it to unwind and unload stress. “Fun” and “entertainment” in a company spell out more followers on its Facebook account.
  8. Access to exclusive content (25%) – Most companies usually entice customers to follow them by saying that they could only have access to exclusive content if they become followers. Customers are just suckers for exclusive content. Who isn’t?
  9. Referral from someone to follow a brand/company (22%) – Word of mouth is a very powerful tool. With more than 500 million mouths on Facebook doing their thing, the term “word of mouth” has just risen to a whole new level.
  10. More information about the company (21%) – Facebook is a household name these days. Consumers know this and are aware that if a company wants to advertise itself, Facebook will be its first choice to do so.

buy facebook likes
These findings clearly demonstrate the potential of Facebook to effectively bolster a company’s success and increase its sales. Additionally, the survey also found out that only 13% want to interact directly with companies. So companies have little reason to be dismayed when customers do not interact that much, or share thoughts and feedback with them.

As a business owner, the best thing you can do is to take the numbers, share them with your sales and management team so they could tailor a Facebook marketing strategies around these findings. Or, if you don’t have anyone in your team to do it, search for a Facebook account manager that will give your business a strong presence in the social media arena. Then sit back, watch, and enjoy the show as Facebook waves its magic on your company’s sales.

How to Get the Most out of Facebook as a Tool for Your Business to Reach Your Market

facebook virtual assistantMost of us regard Facebook more as a personal social networking site. The power of Facebook to reach further boundaries has changed the phase of online social media platforms. No wonder, it accounts for more than 500 million users worldwide.

Considering the extent of this social network’s reach, it would also serve as an effective venue to other online ventures. Its power to bring together a group of people with similar interest is a right-on cue for marketable profits and saleability. This is why, more than personal interest, Facebook is a very good social media tool to use for business.

Facebook’s wide scope of Internet users presents a feasible lay-out for marketability of your own business. Furthermore, you can take a hold of the new trends and hypes as Facebook is the near reflection of what is happening in the real world. It offers a magnitude of benefits for a better market to your business initiatives. The challenge is how you would take advantage of these benefits such as to get Facebook likes in line for a better turn-out to your business endeavors. Here are three ways you can get the most out of it:


There are particular Facebook features modeled to establish workgroups in relation to your business’ target market. You can create a fan page where you can set up membership lists for interested parties to sign-up and join.

This social network also has an events application where you can plan a meeting, promote programs, and schedule an event. The members of your fanpage/group can have access to this and you will be able to determine who’s coming without the hassle of distributing event invites through email.

Another good feature is the Discussion Board where members are allowed to post and participate to a certain topic or subject. You have a peek to your market’s thought, inquiries, demands and all other possible subjects they would want to discuss – information that can help you lay out your business approach.


A successful venture has a good communication relay to start with. To increase the hold of your business, marketing is an important part. Facebook is the best tool that will provide you with the best marketing essentials.

One good way to sell your business is by posting updates for online visitors to see. You have to make sure that status posts can inform, entertain, and engage visitors and eventually drive them to demand for your product. You can also share useful links and valuable references that will grab their attention and establish a credible name for your business. A research and survey data can be an example.

One strategy that’s been very useful is to gain more fans by combining Facebook to other social media venue like Twitter and blog sites. This will increase the possibility of your fan page to be seen outside the facebook community. Moreover, you can also use Find Friends to expand your network and increase the scope of your target market. Facebook ads, for one, can help you target your exact audience/market and supply you with a bigger clientele in the long run.


facebook account maintenanceFacebook is communicating and connecting combined. Your primary business mission in using Facebook is to drive in more prospects so you have better trading end-results. You have to ask customers and audience to follow you. This will create the notion that people trust your business and avail of any service/product you are offering.

Facebook may have a wide scope of web reach but you can’t discount the fact that you have to be confined within the range of its featured set. No need to worry since it boasts of a very rich feature application that you cannot even utilize everything in the whole process. What you need to do is look for other ways to make sure customer’s satisfaction. You can integrate technical support for one, a better design template and incorporate other social tools to meet every client’s demands by utilizing the help of Facebook assistant.

This is how much Facebook marketing can provide for you. If you know how to utilize the different features and applications it boasts, you can never go wrong with your marketing endeavors. The key, though, is never to abuse a feature. Yes, there are limitations and you need to abide with them if you still want to get the best deals from what Facebook can offer.

Integrate Facebook now with your business.And get the most out of it through the help of a Facebook virtual assistant who can communicate with your customers, connect with your potential market, and campaign for your business

Facebook has a great scope of reach necessary for your business’ venture. It boasts of beneficial features that would best provide you with better business turn-out in the process.

How to Create a Facebook Marketing Strategy that Works Best for Your Business

Facebook assistantNo matter what kind of business you are into, the following schemes will surely build your online presence in Facebook. You would not read this comprehensive guide anyway if you think Facebook is irrelevant to your brand so it is a given that social media marketing is a must for you and every business owner today. You should also choose whether your Faceboook account is for Facebook for business marketing or not.  If you want to get a pace ahead, let us start with the first component of this marketing strategy.


Part 1. The Brand Representative

Now you have your account in Facebook and let’s say you will network with your target audience based on the industry you are in. Do not use your own personal Facebook account that contains private information such as your personal photos and conversations of your real friends except if you really want to show them off.


You will add friends and join in groups and pages to interact with other people. In some cases, your own personal branding and your business branding may be conflicting. Simply put, your personality as portrayed by your personal account may overpower the business you are trying to market.

What Can You Do?

Create a professional looking account that will be in-charge of representing your business including all those activities of networking stated above. This brand representative will be the liaison of your audience wherein they will associate the brand and this professionally-looking, charisma-powering representative. A representative is not only in the form of a person but also as a Facebook Page. Creating the page is your next step. This is the customized space where your audience can get updates and information about your business. It’s really your own business page named after your brand and not only a person acting in behalf of the company.

Remember that you can have someone else to this job. They can update the Facebook page with posts and reply to the people interacting in the page for you. They can export your email contacts so they can be added as friends too in the new Facebook profile.

Part 2. A Page Paints a Thousand Words

Your posts may be made up of words, brand picture, business information, wall posts and tabs – these constitute the overall visuals to attract your audience. If you come across a Facebook page and see no conversations and updates going on, then it is a so-called “Dead Page”. Your page needs constant attention and leaving it would portray a poor impression on your brand.

How Can You Make the Most of it?

First is your picture which is easily customizable. “Making the Most of Your Facebook Profile Picture” and “Make Your Facebook Profile Full-size” are good resources for you.

Next is the page information tab which requires you to fill out with your business details. Use keywords for search engine optimization because they are indexed. Also, do not forget to write down the complete URL of your website. Those two are basic things you need to complete but you do not have to stop there.

Applications such as Twitter and FBML are available for use. You can even have your blogs automatically posted in your wall. Some add tabs for their promotions area which includes contests, raffles, and discount coupons. One popular purpose of FBML is for making the default landing page for your page visitors. A default landing page creates the first impression whether they will continue exploring your page or skip it. They are usually eye-catching and interactive. See examples in “Designing a Facebook landing page: 12 of the best!”

Lastly, your page must have its own customized URL which you can set up via as long as you have 25 fans.
Facebook marketing virtual assistant

Part 3. Ready, Set, Go!

Everything is set. You have your brand reps – the person responsible and the page. It’s time to proceed with promoting it and getting more influence. Your page exists not for the sake of just being there but also for getting the gear up and running. Just what these 10 principles are stating:


  1. As a person, participate in groups, events, and other pages to network and add friends with the target community. Your page shall be promoted to those organizations joined.
  2. Thanks to the power of Facebook search, you can find people mentioning keywords you target and find groups to participate in.
  3. Always reply when someone comments on your statuses and posts to keep the conversations flowing.

    Updating Your Page


  5. Update your page regularly – Once a day is okay.
  6. Use a variety of interesting and new videos, photos, links, and text for your posts in your page.
  7. Keep your fans updated with the latest important news and promos about your brand using the “Send an Update to Fans” function.

    On Other Pages

  8. Form an alliance with other pages preferably similar to your industry so that you both can reap the benefits of mutually using the “Add to my Page’s Favorites” function.
  9. Keep an eye of other brands especially if they are ahead of you to know what they are doing which you aren’t.

    Going Outside Facebook

  10. Use Facebook Social Plugins for spreading your Facebook page activities in your website and blogs.
  11. When using other media, link the content you created to Facebook. For example, in the Youtube video you created, it should have a link to your Facebook page, so at the same time that video is automatically shared with your Facebook page.

So that is how you build an effective marketing strategy in this continuously growing popular social network. This is the right time to jump in the sphere of Facebook marketing, let’s get it on! Hire the best brand representative for your business, create a Facebook Fan Page, get Facebook fans, and see how it helps you get more revenues!

Facebook Marketing Tips: Tone Your Sales Pitch Down to Turn Your Fans On!

Facebook Marketing StrategiesIt’s quite challenging to attract customers to try your products. It’s even more challenging to gain their trust to be loyal to your brand. These are some of the concerns marketers like you constantly face. What makes it more difficult is the sense of not being “openly welcomed” by your target market. This scenario is highlighted in the case of Facebook fan page.

According to studies, 70% of consumers who visit Facebook at least once a month and are a “fan” of at least one company or brand don’t believe that they have given those companies permission to market to them. 40% of those “fans” also don’t believe marketers are welcome in social networks at all.

What’s the use of having more fans if they don’t believe they are sharing healthy relationship with marketers? With this in mind, it’s obvious that you need to tone down and be flexible enough for you not to turn off your fans. To do this, put yourself in your fans’ shoes and have a deeper understanding of what they feel and how they perceive things. After which, you can formulate strategies for them to welcome you.

Understand Facebook users

People visit social networks to communicate with current friends, catch up with old friends, and otherwise express themselves.

44% of people who are fans of at least one company or brand on Facebook believe that social networks should be used strictly for interpersonal communication. They are not that welcoming to marketers. Being a Facebook fan for them is more of self-identification rather than an invitation. They view it as an expression of personal taste that they can share with friends.

Stop behaving like marketers

You may not like it but the term “marketer” has become derogatory in the minds of most consumers. Consumers don’t trust marketing. Consumers trust people (or brands) that help them and exhibit interests similar to theirs.

Fan base are primarily built by marketers to send people marketing messages which is somewhat similar to other direct-marketing tactics. Consumers don’t like this and are increasingly put off by such offers unless your offers are truly unique.

Promote meaningful brand experience

If you align your interests as a brand with the interests of your consumers you will be able to constitute a meaningful brand experience.

A guide example for this scenario is TripAdvisor’s “More than Footprints” campaign. The said campaign promised to distribute $1 million across five preselected nonprofit organizations according to how members voted.

By figuring out how to energize TripAdvisor’s existing community, the campaign netted TripAdvisor 500,000 new members, measurably improved members’ overall impressions of the brand, and generated extensive press coverage.

Be an attentive listener

You must give your fans enough power for them to tell the story for you. In the same way, you must make yourself aware that negative comments will always be present. Some of these comments can be addressed in a helpful way and some of them are beyond your control.

The trick is, you shouldn’t engage unless you can be helpful. Better yet, you should see to it that when engaging yourself to such matter, it should be like a real-world dialogue and problem-solving. That allows your brand to demonstrate its relational prowess in a public forum—which, in turn, can create raving fans.

Listening helps identify opportunities for improvements to your products or services. Develop a system for capturing those and allow your customer to see that you are listening. If you do this, you are on your way to impressing your fans by handling their issues. You give them additional reasons to act as your advocate.

Direct consumers to other channels for marketing messages

Consumers’ attitudes toward non-permission or “pushy” marketing messages are leaning on the negative side. The opposite is happening when it comes to permission-based messages. Consumers are very receptive to promotions and are reporting using coupons more often. You can transform this into as a tool for your campaign. You should also be aware of how to use the different channels for your marketing messages which would be appealing to your consumers.

Email is the preferred channel (75% of consumers overall) for marketing-related communications. Email is popular even for among teens (64%) and college students (70%).

Consumers have different views about social media compared to what is playing on a marketer’s mind. Be adaptive and flexible to your target audience. The trick is to understand your customers before you make your move. You should learn how to get their trust so that they will not view you as “some random marketer”. Create meaningful brand experience that will catch your consumer’s attention.

In the same manner, you must interact as a participant in the dialogue instead of attempting to control the dialogue through slick messaging. Patience is a virtue. Learn to play the game. Don’t push yourself to your audience. Eventually, they’ll welcome you if you exert more effort in introducing your product to the market. Get Facebook fans and turn your fans on by toning your sales pitch down.

Facebook Deals : A Quick Guide on the Opportunities It Gives and the Benefits You Can Get

Facebook Virtual AssistantWith the kind of pace the social media marketing is going, it is not even far-fetched to purchase items in a store all with the help of Facebook. You can now have the best of market bargain and discounts all in the comforts of social networking.

In business perspective, this brand new online development paves the way for a wider scope of reach and venture for every interested trading party. Imagine how much of a potential prospect establishing deals within Facebook with over 500 million users worldwide. Not only will you have a high probability of utilizing deals, you also open up a venue to promote and extend the market of your own business.

Facebook Deals presents every business owner four different kinds of deal.

Individual Deal: This kind of deal puts emphasis to new and existing clients. They will be offered with business incentives and discounts if they check-in your business’ Facebook Places. This social network trade takes into account the promotion of new products, the outflow of inventory nearing expiration. Furthermore, this would also engage and attract more people to avail of your products or services.

Friend Deal: This is more considered to be a package deal for customers. A group of people is given an incentive or a discount when they check-in together. Word of mouth will take its cue and the next thing you know, people are scrambling to contact family and friends to get the offer.

Loyalty Deal: Rewards and benefits are also awarded to loyal patrons. These are those people who have been continuously checking in to Facebook Places. It will be your call on what terms a patron can claim his/her goods.

Charity Deals: This set-up takes on the other side of your business as more than just a profit venture. This is the chance to give back and offer needed assistance and help for those in need. You will have to donate to a charity of your choice and engage people with Facebook account to check-in to your place. Not only will you have done a generous act, you also take a good measure for your business.

Now that you were able to know how much and to whom you can offer Facebook Deals, it is best to take note more of its value. How much would it help your business? Here are the essential benefits it provides.

Facebook Assistant

Create Patron Base

In every type of deal there’s a corresponding incentive or reward. This would prompt customers to go back and avail of what you offer again. It would also stabilize your customer inflow because most of them have something to look forward to whenever they check-in to your place. One good business strategy applied one good reason to move on further with your business. You don’t have to go advertise in print media. You don’t have to create jingles. All of these can now be done by taking advantage of the hype Facebook has been getting.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth can be the downfall and the saving grace of every business venture. You give your customers far from satisfactory service and you get yourself a free pass to business close down. Offer your market with the best business perks you can think of and you’ll be rewarded with a swarming clientele inflow in the coming days. This is how Facebook Deals centers their concept. It is to disseminate and promote a business to a wider scope and cater to an extended target audience.

This is how easy life would be with Facebook. Get Facebook fans and maintain your Facebook account at its best.  After you single out your business place, you’re now up to operate and run the trading adventure.

Engage With Your Customers In Facebook With These 12 Easy Steps

Everything that we do is interrelated in one way or another. We communicate, study, and respond to things happening around us with considerable weight given to how our actions would affect other people. Getting along with most people is important. If you have other people backing you up, it would be much easier for you to achieve your goals and be successful.

This sense of belonging, feeling of involvement, engagement, whatever you would like to call it is highly displayed in social networking sites. Among these sites, Facebook is fast emerging as the most prominent way of reaching people. Due to its influence in drawing a large crowd, more and more business are thinking of ways on how to effectively penetrate Facebook’s realm.

Don’t allow yourself to be left behind. Go with the flow and find meaningful relationships for your business to flourish. Here are some ways you can manifest engagement with your customers through Facebook.

PHASE 1- Customer’s Corner

Every relationship has its own beginnings. Giving attention to customers’ needs and wants would be a good starting formula. Putting weight on their feelings will further add to the strength of your relationship. The following are some steps that will guide you in your quest for fruitful engagement between you and your customers (existing or future) by focusing on details concerning their side.

  1. Let your customers know about your Facebook page

    How can you promote engagement if the other party doesn’t even know that you have a Facebook page? Don’t immediately assume that all your customers will search for your company’s name in the social network. A strategic way on how your customer will be made aware that you have a Facebook page is to include the Facebook name of your business page on cards, shopping bags, etc. You can start this strategy with your close friends and then allow it to spread to other customers.

  2. Get to know your customers through Facebook

    You will learn a lot about your customer’s preferences if you maintain an interactive way of communication. Posting statuses about upcoming sales, offers and giveaways as well as posting pictures of your merchandise, and asking for feedback on discussion boards will help. Moreover, by studying your customer’s basic information, you can assess segmentation variables such as demographic that is most attracted to your product. This will pave a way for a solid target marketing strategy.

  3. Provide the best deal

    Timing plays a critical role for a successful promotion. You can also apply this idea in Facebook. Highlighting special offers or handing discount codes and coupons on specific days will make followers feel privileged and can certainly influence them to be loyal. A good example of such strategy is coming up with certain promotions or deals during Christmas or other occasions. This will lead to increased traffic to your page and will build up the image of your company.

  4. Let your customers be winners

    If you hold competitions from time to time, it gives your followers a reason to visit your page and promote it to their friends. In the same way, you are also encouraging them to participate in a conversation with your company.

    It doesn’t necessarily need to involve big giveaways. You just need to make it appealing to your audience. Let’s say, you hold a certain contest in which whoever gives the most feedback on your page gets a gift. This will certainly entice people to participate.

  5. Put your customer in the spotlight

    Companies like Oreo have come up with campaigns asking fans to post a photograph of themselves for the chance to feature as fan of the week. The winner’s picture is then posted as the page’s profile image for everyone to see. The attention given to the winners is a useful drive for your customers to join the fun. This is a good way to share memories with a positive mood.

  6. Entertain your users

    Facebook is the ideal platform for people who love playing casual online games. Of course, you will need the help of a skilled developer to create your own game associated with your product or service. But then going the extra mile gives extended added values as long as pros and cons are carefully weighed.

    PHASE 2- Your Side

    Now that you already have some ideas about dealing with your audience, it’s time to flip the other side of the coin – YOUR side now. Make sure that your Fagebook page is well organized and presentable in a way you would want your customers to see it. Here are the rest of the steps geared towards a fruitful engagement this time focusing on how you can improve your own page.

  7. Categorize Your Posts

    Categorizing the different types of post you’re likely to see on your page in groups such as praises, complaints, questions and general conversation will let you create basic guidelines for responding to each. This will ease up the flow of communication.

  8. Create a Process for Handling Inquiries

    As anticipated, your Facebook Page will attract customer service inquiries even if let’s say this is not the main purpose of the page. You can minimize this issue by clearly posting your customer service URL and phone number on your page. It would also be helpful if you come up with a stock response to customer service inquiries that includes a link, address and/or phone number where the fans can direct their inquiries.

  9. Establish Acceptable Response Times

    Now, if you deliberately include customer service inquiries as a component of your Facebook page, you should be able to set up response times for your customers’ inquiries and other concerns. Even if you have no idea how to address the issue, you should let your customers or followers know that you’re aware of their inquiries and you’re finding the best response to their concern. If you aren’t able to answer someone’s question immediately, you should at least let them know right away that you’ll respond soon with an answer.

    In terms of response times, you should give priority on complaints and questions over praise and general conversation.

  10. Develop Guidelines for Resolving Issues

    How you respond to issues is just as important as how fast you respond. In certain cases, it would be ideal to take conversations offline (to e-mail or a phone conversation) when resolving issues. If you can respond right away to a complaint left on your Facebook Page, do it. Chances are, there are other people who also share the same sentiments and you would want them to see the conversation created for them to have an idea about the answer to their concerns. But don’t be preoccupied in making your response through your Facebook page alone. If the situation heats up and continues to escalate, ask the person to contact you by phone or e-mail so that you better understand his/her specific concern and find the best solution to their individual problem.

  11. Set Clear Ground Rules For Fan Posts

    To ensure that healthy communication is maintained, you need to create an external policy for fan comments with stated guidelines about what constitutes objectionable content and how you will handle offensive or inappropriate posts. This can be placed on your “info” tab for people to view.

  12. Set the Appropriate Tone

    After establishing the ground rules for when and how to engage, providing guidelines for what to say and how to say it comes next. Successful engagement typically involves being open, friendly and authentic. Set yourself as an example. Whenever you make a post or respond to customer inquiries, act like you’re a hospitable host, making sure that your visitors will be at ease and feel at home.

    Understanding your audience and adopting what you’ve learned for your own improvement will certainly go a long way in creating a harmonious relationship between you or your brand and your customers. And since your goal is to create a meaningful relationship, staying aloof would not help at all. You should eye for engagement. Engage with your customers in Facebook and let it power you towards success.

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